Exosystems is a promising healthcare solution company which have experiences in manufacturing medical device and wearable robots. EXOSYSTEMS has been cooperating with many medical and research institution and have an optimized rehabilitation program for patients through machine learning technology.

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ETRI is government-funded research institute, so that it focuses on deliver packaged technologies to companies rather than making product directly. ETRI is an initiative group applying ICT to biomedical field in Korea by the activities performing R&D project for elderly people, disables and patients, or developing technical standards.

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Pusan National University Hospital

Established in 1956, PNUH is a large-scale, high-grade general hospital with over 2,300 beds and 3,900 employees, leading the Southeast Asian medical industry and playing a major role in improving the health of the nation and advancing local medicine. The hospital has increased its competitiveness and contributes to the development of the medical industry not only through patient treatment but also through persistent research activities involving the operation of six major national designated centers.


GOGOA Mobility Robots

GOGOA is a SME that designs and manufactures wearable robotics to assist and rehabilitate the movement capacity of people with Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) or Spinal Cord Injuries and to increase the movement performance of humans (rescue services , fire fighters, workers under special conditions, …). GOGOA´s Business model is open and focus on the rent, leasing and sale of wearable robotics for Hospitals and rehabilitation centers, to particulars, to public rescue services.



TECNALIA is a private research center so doesn't have any products selling in the market. However, in the field targeted in iCARE project, TECNALIA has very strong experiences and knowledges. The neurorehabilitation group in TECNALIA who will participate in the project has worked on stroke rehabilitation area over 10 years and developed several devices and systems for upper and lower limbs rehabilitation. The group encompasses all aspects of technology-based rehabilitation associated with robotic and FES aided rehabilitation, quantitative and systematic assessment of patients, and design of effective training protocol. In addition, TECNALIA has close relationship with several rehabilitation centers in Spain so if needed, clinical inputs or feedback on the project wil be obtained in short time. 



IHS is a SME that works on design and implementation of electronic systems including develoment of related firmware and software. Their products and solutions are sales leaders in each specific field in Spain and IHS has desire to widen their product portfolio (from industrial application to medical application) as well as market region (from EU to global). As IHS has mainly focused on their interest in indurstrial application and recently  in medical area, currently IHS doesn't have any specific products on EMG and FES related systems. However according to technology and knowledge they have, IHS will be able to manage to develop more advanced smart EMG and FES systems in collaboration with ETRI compared to exisiting products, resulting in fast attainment of a top player in the market.