InterConnected intelligent sensing and Actuation solutions for at-home REhabiliation


Rehabilitation, one of the hottest issues of healthcare industry moves towards a next generation with an application of AI technology. The revo-/evolution of rehabilitation in the upcoming society will enhance quality of life of people dramatically way more than that of what people expected today.

The iCare project aims to support the disables who want to restore the motor function lost by stroke, injury or other reasons. The AI-based approach with real-time computation will offer extremely customized setting and enhance usability, comfort, safety and satisfaction of resulting applications. A distributed operating manner also gives fast and accurate estimation of body segments (lower or upper limbs) status.

The project addresses the following problems:

  • Rehabilitation system that can manage the rehabilitation program regardless of time and place

  • at-home rehabilitation and automated rehabilitation which demand smart and safe adaptation of rehabilitative systems

  • AI-based real-time computation offering customization of rehabilitation programs.